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What is a RocketBike?

We are a boutique digital agency that helps organizations succeed with next generation web development, innovative design, targeted online advertising, and data-driven performance analysis. We take a holistic approach to marketing and work with companies as a strategic partner to develop effective marketing solutions for the digital age.

We challenge ourselves to be the best in the business and are driven by one goal: make our clients ridiculously successful.

Max Greenhood

Founder & CEO

Rocketbike’s Founder and CEO, Max Greenhood is an award-winning entrepreneur with a knack for problem solving and passion for creative work. Since founding RocketBike at the age of 23, Max has carved out a pretty serious name for himself, becoming the youngest ever recipient of the Hampton Roads “Entrepreneur of the Year” award. He’s been invited to speak at conferences, universities, startups, and Fortune 500 companies. Aside from his time at RocketBike, Max is an accomplished musical artist, photographer, community leader, and champion for entrepreneurship, a word we love to say but find astonishingly difficult to spell. Max knows surprisingly little about possums, and thinks candles that smell like delicious foods are a mean trick.

“Max is a powerful problem-solver with expertise that spans many disciplines. Without a doubt, he is truly one of the most kind-hearted and genuine people I have crossed paths with in my career. I very much look forward to working with him again in the future.”

Michael Swenson
A prophetic endorsement before joining RocketBike a year later

Michael Swenson

Chief Marketing Officer & Managing Partner

A twenty-year industry veteran, Michael spent his career working on large creative projects for companies like Coca Cola, Sony Latin America, and Fox Sports, and was co-founder of Crush Drums, a successful music instrument startup. Michael is a believer in long term over short term growth, relentlessly eliminating bias in all forms whenever possible, and his two wonderful dogs, Wolfie and Chupacabra. He thrives on creating solutions in difficult situations, and understands what it’s like to be a client at RocketBike, because he’s been one. Michael can turn nothing into something, a little into a lot, and he was once a voice actor in a Nintendo Wii game, but he refuses to tell us which one.

“Michael’s ability to craft business and marketing strategies to tackle growth is all encompassing. His ability to navigate complex business needs to capitalize on growth opportunities is unmatched.”

Gary Jiang
Director of Paid Social & Amazon, CleanCult

Casey Greenhood

COO & Head of Digital Advertising

With years of comprehensive digital strategy campaigns under her belt, Casey joined the RocketBike team in 2015, where she tackled complex marketing problems with contagious joy for companies like Jordan’s Skinny Mixes and Belmont Peanuts. Casey sees the world in conversion rates, and knows the data tells the story, you just have to listen. Casey makes a point to think about projects from every angle, from conception and execution, through the eyes of everyone it affects. She transitions brick and mortar clients to e-commerce platforms for breakfast, which she prefers to actually eating breakfast. It’s a whole thing. Casey thinks there should be garlic-scented candles, and that vegetables don’t belong in paninis.

“Working with Casey was a true professional joy. I could trust the direction she gave me. More importantly, she and her team helped me think of things I hadn’t considered. Casey’s expertise in the analytics and insights part of our marketing business was a true game changer.”

Thad Smith
Brand Director, Virginia Tourism Corporation

Conner Barnes


Conner is a natural problem solver with a knack for seeing the big picture while not overlooking the details, a talent forged in the fires of getting his old Honda Civic to pass inspection at the age of 16. His cars might keep failing inspection, but his development work is top notch, having worked on projects for Fiat/Chrysler and the Jazz Foundation of America. Conner knows his greatest resource is the people around him, and that the satisfaction of completing a big project makes all the hardships worth it. Conner is a volunteer EMT and believes ranch and bleu cheese are the same thing.

Dan Gilgannon

Digital Advertising Specialist

Dan is an experienced digital marketing leader who knows how to deliver strong advertising performance across platforms and industries. With a quantitative mind and an economics degree from the University of Virginia, Dan takes a methodical approach to optimizing campaigns and understands the power of collaboration. In short, Dan is the teammate every great marketing team needs.

Carl Medley III

Art Director

Carl makes beautiful things. An avid muralist, visual artist, and 2017 VMFA fellowship recipient for his work in painting, Carl knows there’s no “right” way to confront a new design challenge, just a million different ways to find a solution that works. Carl loves creating strong branding and tangible work for companies like MADE Coffee, Jordan’s Skinny Mixes, and Mandarin Oriental. He is unphased by the vastness of the universe, can name pi to three digits, and is confident in his ability to beat Max in an arm wrestling contest.

Alex Molgaard

Amazon Advertising Specialist

Alex is a big numbers guy. And while he might not be physically made of numbers, he does have a degree in economics, which should count for something. It’s through this disciplined data-driven approach that allowed Alex to create massive growth spikes with companies like Sightmark and Discraft, and currently manages dozens of brands across multiple product categories on Amazon. Alex is an avid mountain biker, but prefers to drive conversions.

Brennen Nelson

Sr. Amazon Account Manager

Brennen is an ecommerce expert and strategic leader with a passion for collaborative problem solving and helping brands grow. In addition to his serious Amazon skills, Brennen has experience driving growth in direct ecommerce and digital marketplaces like and Ebay. Brennen brings a balance of agency and in-house experience where he has delivered success for national brands like Propper and a range of other consumer goods. Born and raised in St. Louis, MO, Brennen is a ride or die for the Cardinals, Blues, and Kansas City Chiefs.

Lindsey Quinn

Data Analyst

Armed with an MBA in data analytics from LSU, numbers don’t get in or out of the building without a hard once-over from Quinn. She has an eye for detail and a “measure twice, cut once” philosophy that’s been appreciated by clients like Clean Cult, Kawha, and Belmont Peanuts. When she’s not busy poking holes in our fantastical plans or optimizing our Amazon product catalogs, she’s brainstorming reasons why adults shouldn’t wear cargo shorts, and thinking about the difference between possums and opossums, which is something you should definitely discuss with her in person.

Christian Roof

Senior Developer

The King of Development, The Prince of PHP, the Archduke of AJAX, Christian has been creating solutions to web-based problems since founding Blue Otter Design, an international web design group with offices in India and San Francisco. Christian thrives on building large, complex systems for companies like Gator Cases, Phillip Morris, and Intel. His favorite projects force him to learn something new, solve complex problems, and create beautiful and functional front-facing systems. Christian prefers Roger Moore to Sean Connery, flip-flops to shoes, and inline skates to flip-flops.

Jessie Walker

Assistant Account Manager

A recent JMU business school graduate, Jessie joins our team having already spent time with big name clients like the Chrysler Museum and Stihl. Our resident metaphorical juggler and the most organized person in most rooms, Jessie soaks up information at an alarming rate and is not to be fed knowledge after midnight: it only makes her more powerful. If Jessie could be any vegetable, it would be a cherry tomato, and refuses to acknowledge they’re actually fruits.

Molly Whelan

Project Manager

With a degree in Digital Video & Cinema from James Madison University, Molly started her career in film and worked her way from Los Angeles to New York before coming back home to Hampton Roads. Molly has since found her calling in operations management but still has the creative talent to lead the charge in everything from copy writing to photo and film production. Few people love organization, timelines, and details the way Molly does. Some might call it an obsession or a compulsion, but combined with her creative skills, we call it a recipe for the perfect Project Manager!

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